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Motherboard Repair: Chip Level Service

A motherboard is the only house that holds every other hardware part together. Being a veteran laptop motherboard repair service provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, we strongly agree with the issue that a high-quality laptop means a high-quality motherboard which helps you boot fast and perform at your desired speed. Motherboard is the first and the last of the entire hardware system, So very important asset and costly as well. The performance of every hardware part is directly connected to the performance of the motherboard they are installed upon. So, when a motherboard is responsible for every single operation that happens inside a laptop or PC then what is the downside of this? Simple. It fails.

The symptoms of motherboard failure in laptop:

  1. Your laptop is not booting up.
  2. Your laptop is freezing frequently.
  3. Your laptop is taking a sudden restart.
  4. Blue screen of death or BSOD with or without error codes.
  5. A complete black or blank screen.

Reasons For Motherboard Failure

In most cases Overheating caused Laptop Motherboard Failures

Now, it’s a no brainer. Right? Heat is the arc-enemy of SMDs. But, when it comes to laptop motherboards, it’s highly expected. Firstly, in desktops and other full-fledged PCs, there’s more room for the dissipation of the generated heat. Secondly, the cooling vents are bigger, thus airier. So, if there is an abnormal amount of heat inside the CPU box, these better cooling conditions are sure to take care of that. But, when it comes to laptop motherboards or in that case any other hardware elements that are generating more heat than expected then it becomes really tough for the cooling system to pull out the excess heat from the closely knitted hardware parts. And as well, a fried motherboard failure condition makes the laptop motherboard repair job harder. Further, most of the entry-level laptops have the air vents at the bottom side of their clam shell cases. Now, if anything blocks those air vents, then the inside of the laptop will experience a steep rise in the temperature and that’s accidental for the motherboard. And it’s not brand specific either. If you are searching for the Dell laptop motherboard failure symptoms or if it’s a HP, Dell, Apple Macbook, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Sony or any one of the best brands in the market, the situation is almost the same and so the laptop motherboard repair job as well.

According to the SmallBusiness, the safe temperature range inside a laptop is 50 to 95 degrees F or 10 to 35 degrees C. Anything outside of that temperature range is fatal for a laptop motherboard and for the other hardware components too. So you need to make sure that the cooling vents are open and they are pulling out the heat so that your device remains less prone to catch a laptop motherboard issue. How? Well, you always need to keep a healthy gap between the bottom side of a laptop and the desk or floor it is placed. The reason behind this gap is to give space to the air circulation vents which are placed at the bottom of the shell/case. Now, many of us use the laptop on lap or on the bed or on a thick carpet which blocks the way of these air circulation vents. And, if you are using your laptop in such conditions for a long time then it’s gradually weakening the motherboard parts and finally, when it stops working completely, then it burns a hole in your pocket as the laptop motherboard repair cost is considerably high. So, make sure that you are using your laptop in a healthy way when cooling is concerned and save yourself a considerable fortune on laptop motherboard replacement or repair.

Laptop portability has its own curse to bear Motherboard Failure incidents

Portability is one of the cardinal factors behind our love for laptops over desktops. But, every feature has its negative side too. Portability invites accidents and leads you to a laptop motherboard replacement or repair. When we tend to move frequently with our laptop then there is a possibility that our laptop may get an accidental impact from the other objects. Further, your laptop can get severely damaged if it gets dropped on a hard floor from a certain height. In such cases, the laptop motherboard can get damaged and may stop working completely. Plainly, any impactful force is vicious to a laptop motherboard and hence generating a serious laptop motherboard issue. And when you are out-of-warranty, it’s not a pleasant experience to shell out on laptop motherboard repair services caused by careless choices.

The lifespan of a laptop motherboard is finite.

The average lifespan of a laptop motherboard is around fifty thousand hours. Beyond that timeframe, it is very likely to expect a motherboard failure or some other laptop motherboard problem sooner or later. Moreover, this lifespan is only valid with proper care of your laptop motherboard, if you don’t want to spend on laptop motherboard repair. Now, when a motherboard failure occurs due to ageing or wear and tear of integrated chips and other passive electronic components, you are simply left with two options. Either take your laptop and visit a good laptop motherboard repair shop in your locality or you go for a laptop motherboard replacement by buying a new one that supports your existing system.

Weak electrolyte capacitors are one of the worst laptop motherboard problem leading to a motherboard failure

Further, a low-quality motherboard is constructed with low-quality electronic items, especially capacitors. On cheap motherboards, capacitors start to leak or bulge in pretty short no time of usage. Being a popular laptop motherboard  Laptop repair center in Bhubaneswar along with the 40 other smart cities in Odisha, we face a similar laptop motherboard issue on a daily basis. And, we strongly recommend our valued customers to use branded and high-quality laptop motherboard as it lifts up the overall performance of a laptop with the assurance of a long time fault-free usage. So, these are some most common laptop motherboard issue you face in general. Now, the only valid question is how would you understand the early symptoms of motherboard failure in laptop or if it has failed completely?

Having said these, determining whether your laptop motherboard is failing is hard as they can’t be confirmed without a rigorous test. These aforesaid symptoms can get triggered by other hardware and software level issues as well, tricking you to think it as a laptop motherboard issue. So, what should be the actual process of analyzing the root cause of these symptoms of motherboard failure in laptop or maybe Asus or Acer laptop motherboard failure symptoms or HP, Lenovo, or dell laptop motherboard failure symptoms to be specific? Try these:

  1. Ensure that the OS is intact and error-free. Try to install a new OS that fits your existing hardware system.
  2. The power supply unit of a laptop has the ability to cause tons of similar hiccups. You can replace the power supply unit and check whether the problem remains or not. Always remember, a faulty power supply unit can damage both the RAM and the motherboard.
  3. If the problem still remains the same, try replacing the RAM sticks. At times, swapping the RAM fixes the problem. Now, if the problem still exists now it’s time to go for the laptop motherboard repair service at last.
  4. Starting with the motherboard, the first important thing is to do a physical look-up. Cheap motherboard manufacturers commonly use substandard electrolyte capacitors and they tend to leak the electrolyte paste from the inside. Further, when the flat capacitor caps start to get bulgy then it’s for sure that they are fostering the future problems of motherboard failure.
laptop motherboard repair Bhubaneswar

How to repair my laptop motherboard?


Diagnose the fault of your motherboard. this is the very first thing you should do on your own.

motherboard chip level repair

Repairing a motherboard is not possible for a person unless you happen to be an expert in electronics. You need special tools to remove and re-solder faulty components and the expertise to identify what is wrong.
Everything your computer does, from working with peripherals to using memory, to sending data to your monitor, depends on the motherboard.   If your laptop will not turn on at all, it could be because of a faulty motherboard. Many laptop owners assume they need to buy a new laptop when this happens. But there are many circumstances where a motherboard can simply be repaired. In other cases, you may be able to replace the motherboard without replacing your other components, saving yourself a lot of money in the process.  In this section, we will explain how we offer On Call diagnose and repair faulty laptop motherboards. If you would like this service performed on your laptop, call us at 8093011080 or fill out our contact form.

Motherboard problems are tricky to diagnose and fix

motherboard circut diagram

The difficulty aspect of a motherboard problem is that it when something is going wrong with it, that problem can then trickle down to many parts of your computer in unusual ways. The only way to reliably isolate the problem is through a careful process of elimination which takes time and know-how. Fixing a motherboard is also quite involved because everything in your computer needs to be stripped out before the motherboard can be replaced. A highly knowledgeable nerd (like us!) is typically your best bet for accurately diagnosing and fixing a motherboard issue.

Motherboards are really surprisingly fragile

Because they’re such a complicated piece of electronics, many different variables can put a motherboard out of action. Electrical spikes and surges are like motherboard kryptonite. Pet hair, dust, and other foreign objects sucked into your computer by your fan can also do all kinds of damage to your computer’s motherboard.

You can’t simply replace your motherboard with any old off-the-shelf substitute

If you do need to replace a motherboard, it’s really important to make sure it’s compatible with your PC’s existing hardware. Motherboard that is incompatible with your other hardware will wreak havoc on your computer. Not only an incompatible motherboard place strain on other components, it may also mean you will need to reformat your hard drive, resulting in complete data loss which cost you few more bucks.

Signs of a motherboard problem

While it can be hard to pin down from symptoms alone whether your motherboard is failing, here are a few tells to look out for.Your computer begins to boot up very slowly.
Peripherals on your computer start to become unreliable.
You see odd behavior on your monitor, in the form of flickering, lines on the screen or unexpected freezes.
When you plug a flash drive into your computer’s USB port it sometimes fails to initialize.
Increased frequency of “blue screen of death” errors.
A burning or melted plastic smell.
The key thing you may experience as a motherboard begins to fail is a frustrating unpredictability.  

On Call – we can handle your motherboard repair or replacement 

Home Computer Repair Services Bhubaneswar

We can fix or replace your laptop motherboard so that you don’t have to worry about it. Just send us your laptop’s picture in the mail and book an service appointment. Our expert technician will reach at your doorstep and diagnose the problem and do a proper estimate. You can also drop it off at one of our workshop stores in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We’ll have your laptop repaired quickly, so you can go back to working on it or having fun with it. Call us – 8093011080

Questions we often hear about Motherboard Repair & Replacement in Bhubaneswar

  • My laptop won’t turn on at all, does that mean the motherboard got fried?

    Screenshot 2

    Not necessarily. It could be a faulty DC jack, battery, AC adapter, or any other component causing the problem. For more info, read our page on laptop power issues. Call us on 8093011080 and get a service at your doorstep for any Laptop or PC Service in Bhubaneswar.

  • If motherboard is not working, can it be repaired or do I need a new one?

    It depends. In some cases, the motherboard may have just one capacitor that is not working. If so, we can desolder the old one and solder on a new one. But if several parts of the motherboard are bad, we will need to install you a new one. Visit our Laptop Service Center in Bhubaneswar.

  • Can a laptop motherboard be repaired?

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    Frankly speaking, yes, up to some extent. Actually, laptop motherboard repair is one of the most skill demanding jobs that we do every day in our Laptop Service Center in Bhubaneswar.

  • Is it worth repairing a laptop motherboard?

    It won’t be worth it repairing a laptop motherboard. Unlike desktops that have motherboards that are separate from other components, laptop motherboards will have other parts such as the CPU and the memory soldered onto it. That means that you have to buy all of the other components as well.

  • What causes laptop motherboard failure?

    laptop motherboard repair Bhubaneswar

    There are several reasons for motherboard-failure, but the most common is overheating. … Other motherboard-killing culprits include partially connected or incorrectly connected cables, improperly seated components, and electrical spikes and power surges.

  • Is it worth fixing a 5 year old computer?

    To determine whether an upgrade is worth your money, look at how much it will cost, and compare that to the computer’s age. “If the computer is seven years old or more, and it requires a repair that is more than 25 percent of the cost of a new computer, We say don’t fix it.

  • How do I know if my laptop motherboard is bad?

    Symptoms of Failure
    1. Physical Damage. You should never poke or prod a motherboard while the computer is running.
    2. Freezes or Glitches. One of the more annoying symptoms is the variety of freezes and glitches.
    3. The Blue Screen of Death.
    4. Slowing Down.
    5. Not Recognizing Hardware.
    6. Overheating.
    7. Dust.
    8 .Smacked Around.

  • What happens if motherboard is damaged in laptop?

    Laptop Repair 1

    The computer may start to boot but then shuts down. Increased Windows errors or “blue screens of death” are symptoms of failing motherboards. The computer may freeze for seemingly no reason, or connected devices that worked before suddenly won’t work.

  • What is the lifespan of a motherboard?

    If treated well and kept clean, a motherboard can last for up to 20 years or even more. What you’ll find is that the hardware available to that motherboard becomes obsolete, and you may need to upgrade to the latest hardware, but the motherboard itself should continue working just fine.

  • How do I know if my laptop motherboard is fried?

    1. Physical Damage. Unplug your computer, remove the side panel and take a look at your motherboard.
    2. Computer Won’t Turn On. Rule out other possibilities, such as a loose power cable or a surge suppressor that’s turned off.
    3. Diagnostic Beep Codes.
    4. Random Characters on the Screen.

  • How can I make my motherboard last longer?

    easy book mechanic for PC repair in bhubaneswar

    Motherboards typically have a long lifespan, but you can help them last longer through regular care and maintenance.
    1. Keep It Clean.
    2. Keep It Cool.
    3. Use a Surge Protector.
    4. Check Power Supply.

  • What makes a laptop last longer?

    Also, delete any unwanted files and folders and uninstall apps you’re not using. Adding RAM helps, too. When your computer has fewer items to search through and more RAM to work with, there’s less strain on its parts and it will last longer.

Committed to Best Quality Service

We provide doorstep laptop repair services to our customers so that they don’t have to waste their time and energy coming to us. We use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and solve your problems as soon as possible, keeping in mind your requirements. Apart from these, we also have spare parts in our stock to give you fast and reliable services. We have qualified professionals who diagnose and repair your laptop.We deal with all the major brands at laptops repair services like Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM/Lenovo, NEC, Toshiba, Vaio, Samsung and others.

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