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Laptop Repair

Now-a-days, work from home (WFH) or remote work is a very eventual concept and many involved in the same. This is nothing but Online work or submission of works online. So, many prefer to go online while ordering food or clothes or services as repairing services online and start searching on Google for a Laptop repair in Cuttack or AC repair in Cuttack. “I want it here and I want it now!” — we, the modern people, are used to requesting. That’s when various on-demand services, so popular today, would come in handy. They help us get the desired results without unnecessary hassle and effort. After all, we just don’t have time to do these boring chores on our own! And why should we if the world of the 21 century offers so many opportunities to simplify and better our life? We may well demand that the work be done, and it’ll be done, thanks to digital innovations.

Home Repair Service is an online laptop repair center in Cuttack doing the best quality Desktop, Laptop, Printer, Networking repair in affordable price make you delight and think to come back again if any laptop problem occurs in future.

Laptop Repair
All Brand Laptop Repair at Your Doorstep in Cuttack

Technological advancement has been observed everywhere in this world and at this time we are in the world of communication and entertainment through the internet. With the help of the internet, we can make the entire world small. The development of technology gives us a variety of options to connect with our near and dear ones. We can hear about the ways of communication and entertainment through the internet. Home Repair Service an unit of Digi Solution has its state of art Laptop service center in Cuttack, which has the facility and resources to repair your Laptop . One of the best Laptop service center in Cuttack which provides swift and affordable laptop repair service for all models of laptops. We have a team of skills and experienced technicians serving you to solve the issues.

Laptop Service Center in Cuttack (Katak), Odisha, India (Contact Number, Address & Other Details)

Laptop, Printer & Desktop Service Center Near in Saheed Nagar, Cuttack Contact & Address Details

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Home Repair Services — Best Online Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair Service centre in Cuttack

Servicing Centre Name: Home Repair Services, Computer & Laptop Repair

Opening & Closing Hours: 08:00 am — 08:00 pm (Monday — Saturday)

Opening & Closing Hours: 10:00 am — 06:00 pm (Sunday)

Phone Number: +91–8093011080, +91–9937451710


Address: Shop №.138, Raja bagicha, Dolamunadai, Cuttack, Odisha

Call: 8093011080


Do you need a computer or laptop service center near Cuttack ? Visit Home Repair Services Center headquartered in Rasulgarh area of Smart City Bhubaneswar. This is a repair center business which run service centre for Laptop Computers in Cuttack and have grown to be a leader in laptop services for the last 15 years. Whenever you need to get your laptop repair and maintenance done. Else if you looking for a great place to sell your used laptops. Here we go, Home Repair Services is the best in Cuttack town to serve you with second hand laptops, whether you want to buy or sell. Get in touch with Home Repair Services and get all your laptop repair requirements sorted out. Apple provides excellent, state-of-the-art technology with its laptops and computer systems as Macbook Air and Macbook Pro or iMac. However, they are not necessarily the most user-friendly, especially if you are not a computer expert. If you want to get the most out of your laptop or computer, you will want to take it to a Home Repair Services Apple Laptop service center.

In time of buying any electronic product or computer or peripherals, it is always advisable to have a third party opinion regarding the same. Third party opinion is always advisable as unbiased as compared to the person/company selling those electronics products. If you are in Cuttack and looking forward to buying a Dell product or to get its service done, you will find it very difficult to choose a service center, because of the absence of options in front of you. Dell is quite famous for its hardware and software, both of which one can find on Dell website. One can find any kind of hardware or software to deal with their problems with these Dell products.

Home Repair Services is the best HP service center in Cuttack . HP is one of the best companies for providing the best laptops and other product related services. They are committed towards providing the best laptops and best service to their customers. When there is any problem with HP laptops they take best care of that as soon as possible. Home Repair Services Lenovo service center in Cuttack offers complete technical support for all Lenovo devices. The Home Repair Services provides the high quality devices at affordable prices. Home Repair Services service center in Cuttack is one of the best service centers that offers repair and service for Lenovo Devices. If you want to connect with the service provider you can dial Home Repair Services helpline number or visit the service center.

We are Lenovo Service specialists Home Repair Services in Cuttack-Odisha. We provide professional, effective and timely services for Lenovo services. We offer all types of Lenovo services in Cuttack. In our Home Repair Services, we provide Lenovo hardware services, Lenovo software services, Lenovo printer services, Lenovo laptop repair services, Lenovo laptop repairing, Lenovo laptop motherboard Repairing, Lenovo data recovery services, Lenovo Virus removal, Lenovo LAPTOP FOR virus removal, LENOVO PC FOR virus removal, We provide all type of software, hardware, networking and maintenance services.

If you are from Cuttack and looking for a service center to fix your Acer laptop, then look no further. Home Repair Services is an Acer laptop repair center and we specialize in Acer repair services, service center, Acer laptop service and Acer service center in Cuttack. Start your Acer laptop repair or Acer notebook repair and check out our clients reviews.

All the brands of laptops are good at performance and durability. However, the more you use the more defects such as error, virus attacks, hardware and software problems you encounter. When you encounter these kinds of problems in your laptop you need to call the service center. There are many service centers for Asus laptops but the best and most important thing is to take care of your laptop problems as soon as possible. Home Repair Services is a professional service provider. For a long time, Asus has been providing the market with great quality laptops and laptops that meet our needs, with the highest quality. We will talk about some impressive laptops from Asus and the best technology to serve you.

Home Repair Services Laptop Computer Repair at your Doorstep
Best Laptop Service Center in Cuttack

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does a good brand laptop repair and service expert help you?

Once you contact the expert, he will analyse the problem and suggest suitable remedies. If you want the computer to be only checked, then you will incur a one-time checking fee only. If you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the repair.

2) What services can I expect from laptop repair technicians?

The technician, after careful analysis, will suggest you replace or repair parts. For software related problems, if no new software is required, then only the expert fees will be charged as he will resolve the issue on his own.

3) Are all replacements for branded laptops expensive?

The cost of replacement of parts is variable. A locally made motherboard will not do justice to your ASUS laptop. If parts are exported or are obtained from the company, then the price can go up. If you have a more expensive processor or brand of the laptop, then the parts will also be quite expensive. The technicians will use the best quality and give you a warranty on the replacement. It will come at fixed prices. If you are willing to use a cheaper substitute, then notify the expert who may suggest a suitable alternative. It is always advisable to use genuine products over more affordable options. In that case, the professional may not be able to provide you with a guarantee even though your problem can get resolved.

4) Does the service provider in Cuttack have a pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most of the service providers will pick up your computer, and you will be given a receipt. After the repair, you can have it delivered to your home or office. If you are in a hurry, you can drop off or pick it up from the service office.

5) Can you get extended warrantee for the laptop after repair?

The repair provided by the experts will come with its warranty. However, do note that our laptop repair service can have different warrantee coverage for different services. For instance, a manufacturing part will have more extended coverage than the servicing of a software update. Before giving for repair, check the warrantee card and discuss with the expert on what you are covered for and what is beyond the coverage.

6) Why is Home Repair Services in Bhubaneswar is the best for the ultimate laptop repair & services?

At Home Repair Services in Bhubaneswar, we do the repair/assemble work from last 15 years and a trusted name for Smart City Citizens.  Our Service Engineers  are not only experts but also provide quality and affordable services. You will get a fast response, and the repair will be fault-free. The reliable listing is trusted by many users all across the city of Bhubaneswar. It does not matter where you stay in Bhubaneswar, We are offering service in all locations of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Cuttack.


Hence, this article is all about listing the best Laptop Service Center in Cuttack (Katak) near your location. Still you can use Laptop Service Center Support Assistant to troubleshoot any problem. Therefore, if you’ve any issues you can visit Authrised Laptop Service Centers in Cuttack (CTC) near to you.

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‘Home Repair Services’ is  independently owned and operated, Contact to your nearby store for their specific repair service capabilities, price, and warranty terms, all products and company names are trademark of their respective owners. Home Repair Services is third party repair company and is not affiliated with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Fujitsu, Microsoft or any other brand listed on this website.

Disclaimer: However, In this article, we will help you by providing all brand  Laptop service centers contact no, address, dealer’s name, opening and closing hours, and email id for places such asRailway Station, Pala Mandap, Press Chaka, Shathie Mouja, CDA, Samrat Cinema Hall, SCB Medical, Hariharpur, Mahatab Road, Orissa High Court, Nishamani Talkies, Vishal Mega Mart, Collector Office, Bus Stand, Madhusudan Nagar, Church, Katak Chandi Temple, Mangala Mandir, Badambadi, Tulasipur, Bidanasi, Shankarpur, Ring Road, Barabati, Madhupatna, Press Chaka, Link Road, Baranga, CDA, Sector 5, Ring Road, Mahanadi Vihar, Sector 6, Buxi Bazaar, SCB Medical, OMP Square, Taladanda, Canal Road, Sector 7, Malgodam, Chatra Bazaar, Shankarpur, Daragha Bazaar, Ravenshaw College, Nimchouri, Raja Bagicha, Shelter Colony, Barabati, Barabati Sports Complex, Bajrakabati Road, Gurudwara, Ravenshaw College, Station Road and other  nearest places in Cuttack (BBSR), Odisha, India.

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